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CMP - Initiatives

CMP Initiatives (Class I to V) of the Vidyalaya (Updated as on 30  the last  working day of the month).

 Childrens Day Celebrations with the themes classwise

Initiative Classes Subject Learning Objective Learning Objectives Realised  
1 Readiness Programme
1. To make the child familiar with school environment  All the objective realized
2. To prepare and motivate him for formal learning
3. To make him comfortable with the classmates and make him to be friendly
4. To develop liking for the school.
2 PTM with Class I
Class I
1. Awareness of parents with KVS culture Objective realized
2. To tell them about the system
3. Expectations of parents to school
3 Welcome by the school Class I 1. To make the child feel important and happy Learning objective realized
2. To show concern
3. To inculcate the value system.
4 Welcome of all the children in their new classes Class II to V 1. To show the feeling of happiness on being successful Learning objective realized
2 To show the concern
5 Conducting Morning Assembly of Primary 
Class I to V
1.Feeling of responsibility Learning objective realized
Learn to be disciplined  
 More responsible.  
Feel confident 2.To gain confidence
Exposure to many morning assembly activities according to their level.  
6 Distribution of Houses Class I to V 1.To inculcate sense of reponsibilityand Learning objective realized
To give them responsibilities selection of house perfects and monitors.  
2. Leadership Quality
7 Solo Song and English and hindi poem recitation competitions
Class I to V
1. To bring out hidden talent. Learning objective realized
2. To inculcate competitive spirit
Calligraphy Competitions 3. To improve hand writing.
File Making
8 Film Show Class I to V 1.To develop listening and understanding. Learning objective realized
2. To be able to draw ideas from films (positive ones)
Feel fun, enjoy and learn 3. To gain knowledge.
9 Celebration of Baisakhi Class I to V To learn about our traditions and history Learning objective realized
10 Celebrations of Rakhi, Janamashtmi, Indepance Day and Id festival
Class I to V
To learn about our tradition, religion, spiritual feelings, patriotism and to learn unity in diversity by celebrating festivals of all religions. Learning objective realized
11 CCA Competitions Class I to V Art &Drawing , Group Song Group Dance Learning objective realized
12 Cubs and Bulbul Class III to V To create self discipline Learning objective realized
To develop love with the nature patriotism 
Self dependence
13 Music  Class I to V All round development of the child. Bring out hidden talents of singing dancing Learning objective realized
14 Sports Class I to V Discipline keeping the body fit. Learning objective realized
15 Computer Literacy Class I to V Learn Computer , Basic knowledge Learning objective realized
How to work on computer for keeping pace with technically advanced world
16 Medical Check up Classes I to V Awareness about keeping good health and informing the parents about any particular health problem that child is suffering   Students found healthy. Some cases were discussed with parents.
17 CCE      FA1 & FA2 held. SA1 conducted as per KVS Norms. 
Different activities and class test and continuous evaluation in the class.    

A Brief Report of CMP 

To follow a proper process of learning of a child at Primary Level, be it academic or any other co-curricular area. CMP has always provided a developing support system.


Development of fully equipped resource room: We have a separate resource room.


Availability of TLM: The TLM used for different activities by different teachers according to their subject and class is provided by the Primary I/C.


Utilisation of Contingent of account for TLM: Utilization of the advance for TLM after assessing the needs of the teachers teaching in the Primary Classes. It is insured that the TLM purchased is useful for the students and as per their needs.


Status of Class Library: Periods are provided for the library period. Love for reading is generated in children by providing them book of their interest & mental level.


Arrangement of Film Shows: Schedule of Film Show has been made and according to it film are shown to different classes.


Community Lunch & Grand Parents Day: Community Lunch and Grand Parent day are yet to be organized and they will be soon organized as per the CCA Calendar prepared.


Teaching learning methodology: Our primary teachers are following activity based teaching-learning methodology to make Teaching-Learning process more effective.


Evaluation & Assessments: Worksheets are given to the students twice in every month (minimum) and CCE has been implemented